Review: "When the World Was Young"

Alex Cohen writes for Theater Pizzazz: "Selected songs date from 1894-2015, the former offered respectfully as written, not pastiche, the latter, delivered with the insouciance of more devil may care days."

A review of Bill & Joan's December 26, 2016 concert at The Metropolitan in New York City. Critic Alex Cohen took note of Joan's theatrical style: "Right on emotional target....One has to empathize with these lyrics to share them effectively.


Two very different droll takes are “Humphrey Bogat” (Jerry Lieber/Mike Stoller) and “I Only Drink Champagne” (Jerry Stock.) Morris’s eyes grow kewpie-doll-wide for the first. Hands clasp at her heart, then extend welcoming…just be mean to me…they beat her chest, an enthralled fan. The second actual response to being offered wine at a party, was overheard, inspiring this well crafted ditty. Morris tosses it off with equal parts sophistication and enunciation. Mr. Porter would’ve grinned.

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